Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 500
BTFGPOOL: 0.0039
FZT: 1.3
LMSI: 3900
cLMSI: 39
PIZZA: 0.35
SPACE: 0.15
TIME: 10
TRT: 0.495
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00826510             BCH: 0.00002082             BHD: 0.02714214             BSV: 0.00007174             BTC: 0.00000009             BUSD: 0.00257120      
CAKE: 0.00070462             DOGE: 0.03416589             HIVE: 0.00610279             LTC: 0.00002855             XCH: 0.00006758             XLA: 60.21270138             XMR: 0.00001601      


Token ID: 3973593445095933920
Total Tokens: 10,000,000
Established: 942481 (October 28, 2021)
IPO: 0.5
Sub Token: CSlices

Coin Price per BTFGCake Deposit Address
BHD 0.00000000 3G8AvzjojsXJ7Dka1F8itQneGM6jZRTYcV
BNB 0.00000000 bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO 613979745
0x06FbFb83Cd0EdA68CF37Fd9AB00aa62e85d9253C (Smart Chain)
BTC 0.00000000 144BugToFnxK43ekJFXMCeyVi7TmGH5Ktm
CAKE 0.00000000 0x06FbFb83Cd0EdA68CF37Fd9AB00aa62e85d9253C
DOGE 0.00000000 DMqYsXd3qTdJ7cBpxdGRbqnSPJqa7mM3sE
LTC 0.00000000 MM92DzRTrp7dkyWw4THEFoRCW1tFNCXHEU (No min)
LPVy5FZM6TgipCjyzYuy4kTSGcK6tEoMvJ (min 0.001)
RTM 0.00000000 RKimcC8ejtB5xMmLCEh5A6fUn5FH6bJAo8
USDT (or similar) 0.00000000 Contact me for appropriate deposit account

Will also accept any coin that is accepted by or Contact BTFG at

As of 24 Nov 2021
Assets in Signa:
CAKE/BNB Farm: 246,854
WSigna/BNB Liquidity: 333.64
SIgna in Account: 9,280

Shares Outstanding: 550,287

Liquid Value per Share: 0.4661

DateSigna PPSUSD PP100SDividends Per Share
27 Oct 20210.500$0.5300IPO
03 Nov 20210.5149$0.51030.00212598
10 Nov 20210.5307$0.57410.00240293
17 Nov 20210.4836$0.47300.00152427
24 Nov 20210.4661$0.46010.00213522
1 Dec 20210.4843$0.44500.0021367
Historic Data. Sgna PPS and USD PP100S are based at the time dividends were issued. Past performance does not guarantee future profits
  • BTFGCAKE Midweek Roundup

    BTFGCAKE Midweek Roundup

    What an amazing Rally! Value of BTFGCAKE has gone from 0.4661 last Wednesday to 0.4968, almost back up to IPO. This is a 6.5% recovery in the value! APR may be a bit low this week due to recent voting to decrease farm supply, and a few midweek large purchases, but again, it should recover […]

  • BTFGCAKE 24 Nov 2021

    BTFGCAKE 24 Nov 2021

    Cake prices are still low, and it is reflected in the current token price. The dividends total has gone up again, with a total of 1174.98380814, with a per share dividend of 0.00213522. This is a big milestone, this means we can, if we need to, convert the entire dividend from BSC to Signum chain. […]

  • BTFGCAKE: Midweek Roundup

    BTFGCAKE: Midweek Roundup

    After the drop in Cake and BNB Prices, things seem to have stabilized. We are actually at the exact same level we were last Wednesday, at 0.4836 a share. Price will not change. The trendline shows a slight increase meaning the prices should be on their way up. Total value of the asset is sitting […]

  • BTFGCAKE: 17 Nov Dividend Payment

    BTFGCAKE: 17 Nov Dividend Payment

    The share price took a major hit this week. There are two reasons. 1: HUGE amount of share purchases last day and a half practically doubled the number of tokens out and about. This heavily affected APR, but it should bounce back next week 2: Cake, BNB, and Signa prices all dropped, this caused a […]

  • BTFGCAKE: Midweek Roundup

    BTFGCAKE: Midweek Roundup

    Doing pretty good so far this week. it looks like we are on the road to a 25% APR this week. We had a decent amount of purchases, but quite a decent amount of earnings too! The current value of BTFGCAKE is now set to 0.5531 Signum per share, with buy backs set to 0.4977 […]

  • BTFGCAKE 10/11/21 Divs, and We are LIVE!

    BTFGCAKE 10/11/21 Divs, and We are LIVE!

    What a great week! We did better all-around than last week, showing this token really has the power to do amazing things! The value of the token is 0.5304, which is a 3% increase in stock value over this week! This is now set as the new price for selling tokens, with buy-back at 0.4773 […]

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