Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 350
BTFGPOOL: 0.0039
FZT: 1
LMSI: 3999
cLMSI: 40
LUNAR: 151
PIZZA: 0.5
SPACE: 0.9
TIME: 10
TRT: 0.335
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00614677             BCH: 0.00002216             BHD: 0.03062139             BSV: 0.00005009             BTC: 0.00000013             BUSD: 0.00314284      
CAKE: 0.00072993             DOGE: 0.04427092             HIVE: 0.00498326             LTC: 0.00005103             XCH: 0.00007282             XLA: 56.06808056             XMR: 0.00001961      

Payouts of 2021.12.31

The report it self

Total value = 7693.782 Signa (with accounting to some rounding errors)
quite obviously, thats a bit low. compensation is due
Compensated value : 10000 , its a nice round number.

2% to Asset Issuer (200 Signa)
2% to compound (200 Signa)
2% to buyback orders (200 Signa)
94% to Payouts (9400 Signa, rounded)

Reward / LMSI token:
~36.01 Signa

New goal

As it had been described on discord, PIVX staking started to yeild less than favourable returns, so , leaving the Masternode operating only, LMSI moves towards OXEN. The next goal is to get an OXEN node up and running. The good news is that its not terribly expensive, and LMSI allready managed to secure 33% of a node. This will be the next milestone to reach.

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