Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 350
BTFGPOOL: 0.0039
FZT: 1
LMSI: 3999
cLMSI: 40
LUNAR: 151
PIZZA: 0.5
SPACE: 0.9
TIME: 10
TRT: 0.335
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00613590             BCH: 0.00002215             BHD: 0.03062079             BSV: 0.00005002             BTC: 0.00000013             BUSD: 0.00314284      
CAKE: 0.00072824             DOGE: 0.04426967             HIVE: 0.00498565             LTC: 0.00005103             XCH: 0.00007282             XLA: 56.07807487             XMR: 0.00001961      

Signa Wrapped BHD Token

TOKEN ID: 9174960608884472993
Total Tokens: 21,000,000
Established: 951953 (Nov 23, 2021)

BHD ACCOUNT – 3G8AvzjojsXJ7Dka1F8itQneGM6jZRTYcV

Many people are wanting a way to convert their BitcoinHD to Signa to help with their on-chain endeavors. Others are wanting to buy BHD with their signa to add more pledges for their dual mining. But there is exactly 0 exchanges that let you do this easily

Introducing the Signa Wrapped BHD Token. These tokens are pegged at 1 SWBHD = 1 BHD, making it the perfect vehicle for the trade. All circulating SWBHD Tokens (That is, those not held by the SWBHD Account) will be 100% backed by BHD. There is no fees for wrapping or unwrapping, but we reserve the right to pledge the BHD to get a residual income to help pay for tx fees and other expenses.

At the moment, wrapping and unwrapping of the BHD is a manual process, but we are looking into ways to automate it. For now, you can join our discord at to arrange for wrapping and unwrapping. The accounts used are linked above so anyone can verify the backing at any time.

Put your hard drive to work.

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