Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 675
FZT: 0.75
LMSI: 4000
cLMSI: 38.59
LUNAR: 151
PIZZA: 0.5
SPACE: 0.5
TIME: 59.99999999
TRT: 0.3212
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00431686             BCH: 0.00001809             BHD: 0.06173260             BSV: 0.00006963             BTC: 0.00000012             BUSD: 0.00356620      
CAKE: 0.00078535             DOGE: 0.04141791             HIVE: 0.00732726             LTC: 0.00005012             XCH: 0.00009436             XLA: 44.09341066             XMR: 0.00002180      

BTFGCAKE: 17 Nov Dividend Payment

The share price took a major hit this week. There are two reasons.

1: HUGE amount of share purchases last day and a half practically doubled the number of tokens out and about. This heavily affected APR, but it should bounce back next week

2: Cake, BNB, and Signa prices all dropped, this caused a combined drop in the value of the asset. This can be seen as part of the normal up and down of crypto. I expect this to recover as well.

The dividends total did go up, even if dividends per share dropped a bit due to the late buys of BTFGCAKE. They are a total of 723.2051442, with a per share dividend of 0.00152427

The value of BTFGCAKE has dropped to 0.4836, meaning it’s on a good discount for any who wants to buy it. It will go back up.

The total value of the asset has gone up to 229,471, again due to the large purchases.

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