Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 600
BTFGPOOL: 0.0039
FZT: 1
LMSI: 3900
cLMSI: 40.718
LUNAR: 90.35
PIZZA: 0.489
SPACE: 0.5
TIME: 10
TRT: 0.312
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00697795             BCH: 0.00002455             BHD: 0.02319938             BSV: 0.00005877             BTC: 0.00000015             BUSD: 0.00284371      
CAKE: 0.00061686             DOGE: 0.04753619             HIVE: 0.00589081             LTC: 0.00005394             XCH: 0.00008596             XLA: 59.90541395             XMR: 0.00002038      

BTFGPOOL: 10/11/2021 Dividends

BTFGPOOL Dividends TIme! We have distributed 52 to 1,000,000 tokens, giving us a 0.000052 per token. This is a 0.21% apr over the last week. It is less than last week as many monthly payments were paid as dividends. We have gotten our funds from the following:

BHD Mining     64.84
Spacepool      22.09
BTFGCAKE       21.29
FZT             4.25
TIME            1.10

Portfolio Liquidation Value is 23,873 giving a liquidation value at 0.0239 a share, which is a drop of 2% from last week

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4 Signa dividend distributed0.000004 per share Value this week came from FTZ dividends. We hoping by next week to have higher dividends as mining revenue begins to stream in.

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BTFGPOOL: 29 Oct 2021 Dividends

Another 61 signa sent as payment, total for the week 0.000199 per share. Expecting more next week as BHD mining profits are transferred

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The original Pool to offer Miner Rewards, BTFGPOOL now shares mining and investment revenue. The spiritual ancestor of Spacepool, BTFG Pool has teamed up with them to make the Spacepool-BTFG Mining Pool. Own a part of history!

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