Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 500
BTFGPOOL: 0.0039
FZT: 1.3
LMSI: 3900
cLMSI: 39
PIZZA: 0.35
SPACE: 0.15
TIME: 10
TRT: 0.495
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00881112             BCH: 0.00002225             BHD: 0.02902423             BSV: 0.00007685             BTC: 0.00000010             BUSD: 0.00275702      
CAKE: 0.00075297             DOGE: 0.03660742             HIVE: 0.00648009             LTC: 0.00003059             XCH: 0.00007226             XLA: 64.34461826             XMR: 0.00001716      

BTFGCAKE: Going Live

So, we are going live later this week, with a start price of 1 signa per share. They actually on sale now at that price if anyone wants some more wonderful cake 😛

In about 6 months as price rises and we get more interest, I will be introducing Cake Slice Tokens, which is basically either 1/1000 or 1/100 of a cake. This is to help bring the cake to the masses.

When I do that, ill be making 10,000,000 slice tokens on a separate signum account, to be given to BTFGCAKE account. Then either 100,000 or 10,000 cake tokens will be handed to the SLICE account.

When BTFGCAKE gives dividends, part of it will go to the Slice account. SLice then gives what it recieves as dividends to Slice holders. Any slice unsold, the funds end up back into BTFGCAKE’s assets for the next week.

But this is 6 months down the road! For now, we stay as we are and work up the Cake. Also, this post mostly was to test discord integration 😀

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