Signum Tokens
BLOOM: 180
BTFGCAKE: 0.4604
FZT: 0.648
LMSI: 3950
cLMSI: 40.1
LUNAR: 100
TIME: 17.00000001
TRT: 0.29
Signa Exchange Rates
ARRR: 0.00877428             BCH: 0.00002139             BHD: 0.02995593             BSV: 0.00006733             BTC: 0.00000017             BUSD: 0.00622601      
CAKE: 0.00082029             DOGE: 0.04560545             HIVE: 0.00752706             LTC: 0.00005719             XCH: 0.00008073             XLA: 83.96507080             XMR: 0.00004248      


    The ultimate pair of passive income earning tokens on the Signum chain. Well suited for both the curious and the hardcore. Token IDs LMSI: 16296102952444293762 cLMSI: 10564927423159412675

  • Spacepool

    The only current Signa mining pool that is operated as a miner’s co-operative. Miners earn SPACE tokens which entitle the owner to a share of the pool’s profits

  • TRT Pool

    TRT POOL is a place for everyone with small amount of TRT that still want to enjoy all the benefits of it. For as low at 1000 TRT you can receive weekly cryptoball payouts that are normally reserved for 100k + TRT accounts.

  • Project BLOOM

    The token of appreciation for the Signum network Powered by BTDEX the Swiss Army Knife of Signum


    Everyone needs Cake! BTFG is proud to introduce CAKE/BNB Farming through Pancakeswap! Just buy the BTFGCAKE Token, and let us do the rest! Let everyone eat Cake!


    The original Pool to offer Miner Rewards, BTFGPOOL now shares mining and investment revenue. The spiritual ancestor of Spacepool, BTFG Pool has teamed up with them to make the Spacepool-BTFG Mining Pool. Own a part of history!

  • The Darkside

    Is nothing sacred? No, not as far as I’m concerned. Listen to The Dark Side of Neural Style Transfer byNivok Spilkommen on

  • New Monster Planet Video

    A rare event these days and much cause for celebration.

  • Payouts of 2021.12.31

    The report it self /————————-Total value = 7693.782 Signa (with accounting to some rounding errors)quite obviously, thats a bit low. compensation is dueCompensated value : 10000 , its a nice round number.————————–/ Distribution:2% to Asset Issuer (200 Signa)2% to compound (200 Signa)2% to buyback orders (200 Signa)94% to Payouts (9400 Signa, rounded) Reward / LMSI […]